Famous Comedians

Different countries had their own stand up or famous comedians. Among those celebrities in our own nation, there are comedians who are definitely famous or stand out due to their amazing skills and talents in making people laugh. These amazing people get the biggest laughs that some production companies got finance from all over the world. Walking up and going any move in every angle. This list are some of the famous comedians in the entire world.

One of the famous celebrity comedian of all the time is Louie CK. He has the biggest name and he is known as a male stand-up comedian lucky guy who is going a lot of success in life. He is a healthy relatively young which is very comic but a religious person. He is mastering the balance between quality and quantity. He is also known because of his comedic voice when he became a father.He is dominated and transformed the art form with a stand-up based TV series and by changing the way that the people consume comedy.

Another known famous comedian is Chris Rock. He is also well known through his fantastic way of making people laugh so hard during his show. He is not afraid to tackle political issues. He is also a great singer who covers music about romantic relationships. He is known for his different style of being a comedian . He is full of impersonations that remains one of the greatest stand-up show that has ever made in the whole world.