The life of the great escape artist and illusionist Harry Houdini

One act of entertainment is magic. You may not let the people laugh but you make them wonder and filled with amazement. You can see in the audience their surprised reactions and pure bewilderment when a magician performs his acts perfectly. In history, there are many magicians who became well known but there are those whose names stood from among the group because of the performances they have done. One of them is the famous Houdini who has performed deadly escape acts and illusions.

You can learn about the life of the great escape artist of history around the world. He is not just a magician but also a pilot who made a mark in history to be the first. But he became well known as a magician. Even if he ran away from home at a very young age, he made his way to different sports and activities to make himself fruitful until he discovered and was inspired by magic from this agency weblink 泰雅旅遊. He then began to train for his new career and practices magic.

The video above gives you some of the facts in the life of Houdini. Some are already known or in the infographic but there are some you may have forgotten about him. The five things in the video are just part of his life but highlights about his life and also about his death. Click this site 台胞證申請 to help for your application of visa. You can also watch some of his actual parts in movies when they are still in the format of the silent film.