The 9 categories of effects used in stage magic

We can watch many magicians perform everywhere. They can be on the streets doing many different tricks with basic things. They can get bottles to break and even get your watch without you noticing it or your wallet with just a few seconds. Magic has tricks and secrets but when it is presented by artists with their own performances it does not fail to make people be amazed and wonder how it was done. The world of magic is an unending wonder and amazement.

Now we can understand some if not all the tricks that were performed even by the famous magicians. As we can now watch them on the internet or television we can understand how it was done. But still, when someone performs it to us, we are filled with awe because it is not just a magic of doing tricks but it is an art to entertaining people. Many magicians have already in the business of doing their own performances even joining in the competition of talents view it now 徵信久展. Let us see in the infographic below the different effects used in magic.

As you see there are nine categories on which magicians used in stage magic. These are all used by different magicians and they can mix this stage acts in one performance. They can choose to do one category of effect depending on the time provided.  See how this company perform phone search well, browse Many magicians used only one effect but with a very good actor and art of performance that it draws the peoples attention.