The impact of humuor among 18-34 years old in 13 countries

Are you the person who is said to have humor? There are people who can easily make other people laugh or smile by their own words or actions. I have known someone and he is male during our school days. Naturally, he is close to many people because of his personality. Other males in our class envy him as he can smoothly talk with females without any awkwardness. Most agree that having that personality is very good that it helps in building your identity.

If you read the infographic above you can see in the lower part that comedy is a way to escape something like stress, frustration, and even pain. You can see that out of ten people seven of them agree that comedy makes them be released from stress. It is backed scientifically as it is proven that laughing can really make you stress-free. There was even a story about a man who was given a time limit to live according to the doctors based on his condition. He does not want to die in the hospital so he rented a place and watch comedy.

He notices that when he watch a comedy and that he laughs much, the pain that he feels at all time disappear for some time. He then continually watches comedy movies and it came to the good point of not feeling any more intense pain and he even lived past the time limit that was set already. The world is revolving into a high technology. So businesses are also using digital technology to market their business. This is because of the fact that technology has something to with the growth of every business.