Women in the comedy industry: Are they funny?

There are still things or events that are sometimes still viewed as best done by men but still, women can also show what they got. In the field of comedy, it is also the same. But are women funny? Can they really be on the stage and be a comedian? As we have seen an infographic about this topic, we want to share it also with you so you can see some facts and experiences of women who is in the industry. Let us see the infographic below.

You can see that there are more male comedy writers than female and one of them is Shakespeare who has written many comedies in his lifetime and it always end up in a good way. Some women who are in the industry are not appreciated at first but they were recognized when they present their craft and make people happy. Have time to make your hearing aid be best. Search for the best brands that you might use from here, check this 台中 助聽器. It is now not a male only world but with the influence of female entertainers who are making their own strong presence.

If you see the infographic, the numbers of women in the industry are very low. It is dominated still by a male but female comedians are making their own names and performances that can actually make viewers happy and their punch lines are in a good position that let a person laugh. Even if there is a negative feeling to female comedians but soon it will change just as the beginning of a thousand or hundred is the number one.