Tips on How to be a Comedian

People have a different personalities, characters and nature. But there is something common about on how we act towards others. There is a feeling that we want them to make happy and the only way for us to to that is to make something unusual. If you want others to make them happy, first thing that will come up in your mind is to become the comedian of the group. But how should you do that?

First, you should have the confidence to mingle with others. Don’t let yourself become shy because being a comedian you should be shameless. It’s not hard to be a comedian but be aware of the way you act and speak. You should think before you speak because some will misinterpret the way you say. Be intelligent at the same time be comic.

It’s part of our nature to become funny sometimes. When we are in the mood, we do crazy things that makes others laugh so hard. When you joke around, be sensitive also about others. What does it mean being sensitive is, that you should choose people who are in the mood to catch up with your jokes so that you cannot offend someone.